Construction Administration (For An Additional Fee)

Construction Contract Administration involves review of the contractor’s requests for information (RFI), requests for payment (RFP) and change orders (CO), regular field visits and the provision of supplemental information. The goal is to ensure the design intent, expected budget, schedule, quality and craftsmanship are delivered throughout the process. The architect is your representation, advocate and point of contact throughout construction. With respect to Construction Contract Administration, typical responsibilities include the following:


  • Workmanship Monitoring & Reporting

  • Documentation for Field Changes

  • Shop Drawing & Submittal Review

  • Coordination & Review of Materials, Colors, Layouts & Mock-Ups

  • Plumbing, Electrical, Lighting, Hardware, Accessories; Selection & Approvals

  • Sourcing of Materials

  • Project Close-Out & Punch-List


During the Construction Administration phase, the architect will typically provide supplemental items for your project that may take the form of detail sketches, design sketches, field visit reports, construction progress reports and meeting minutes.  Other items might be included as per the individual contract and the project's uniqueness.