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Architectural Design

The primary service offered by JLB Design, LLC is that of Architectural Design Services. Our goal is to turn your thoughts, goals and inspirations into a reality which you can afford and can live in comfortably. Our process encompasses the five phases listed below. Click below for a detailed description of each phase.






And, for an additional fee, JLB Design also offers a sixth phase called


Consultation Services

Whether you are a  building owner, a tenant, a leasing agent or management company, understanding all that is involved with construction activities can be a time consuming and confusing activity.  So, for ease of mind, JLB Design offers Consulting Services.

If you are planning a move, an architectural upgrade or a renovation project and need either a second opinion or hands on management of your project, JLB Design can offer assistance. Some of the items the architect can offer are inclusive of, but not limited to, the following:


  • Coordination of Contractors & Subs

  • Weekly Supervision of Construction (Field Reporting)

  • Coordination & Logistics of Work Flow

  • Project Scheduling

  • Project Estimating & Budgeting

  • Review & Verification of Working Drawings (Plans) & Specifications

  • Punchlist Creation & Verification

  • Selection of Finishes & Materials

  • Specification & Procurement of Furniture & Equipment

Tenant Fit-Up

JLB Design also offers design services specifically for small businesses, lease management companies and property owners. The architect can help take your project from  the initial planning phase (logistics, scheduling & budgeting) all the way through  the construction phase.  We offer design with the use of BIM Technology (See Below) to help you get a clear sense of what your finished project will look like. We can help coordinate with furniture & equipment vendors, contractors, landlords and leasing managers to make sure that everything goes smoothly with your project. This will save you time, money, aggravation and ensure that you get  your business set up and running as quickly as possible.

BIM Modeling & Schematic Visualization

Sometimes you just can't make decisions without first seeing what your project will look like once it is completed.  2D drawings are sufficient for the majority of  projects but they don't offer a true sense of space, scale, light, texture and materiality.  Sometimes, this prevents you from  moving  forward with a project, you are fearful of  making a mistake.  This indecision creates stagnation which quickly turns to a broken morale and an overwhelming stress that only makes matters worse.  JLB Design can help you take that all important next step forward.


Through the use of an industry changing 3-Dimensional modeling software called   Chief Architect,  JLB Design can help you to visualize your completed project by creating a 3-Dimensional model.  This model will provide you with a clear understanding of all facets of your finished project before a single nail or screw is driven. Any decisions you regret making can easily be erased and redrawn with a new decision, in most cases right before your eyes. Chief Architect utilizes BIM (Building Information Modeling) Technology that allows the architect to model both the interior and the exterior of your project. The model helps to make important choices that effect the finished design, including massing, scale, aesthetic feel and even textures and materials. With this visualization comes enthusiasm and the kickstart needed to boost morale and keep you moving toward that all important ribbon cutting.

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