Design Development

Design Development builds upon the Schematic Design Phase bringing closer the design’s final aesthetic. In this stage, the design will be refined and honed to give you a truer sense of the project’s size, scale, typology (style) and architectural detailing. If included in your contract, the following items will be explored in greater detail:


  • Refinement of Primary Exterior Materials & Architectural Detailing

  • Finalized Door & Window Style & Placement

  • Finalized Thermal Envelope & Any “Green” Considerations

  • Refinement of Major Structural Systems/Elements

  • Refinement of Mechanical (Heating/AC), Electrical, Plumbing                                                & Security Components

  • Refinement of Preliminary Budget & Construction


The Design Development Phase typically entails more developed, hard-lined drawings of all floor plans and elevations for your project. The architect will also develop what are known as building sections which are sectional “cuts” through various parts of your design to better illustrate relationships between rooms, especially with respect to room heights and adjacencies to other rooms. Building Sections also help to understand various structural components of the design. Finally, if you have opted to have a 3-D building model developed for your design, then that model, as well as any renderings, will be revised to show additional detail during the Design Development Phase.